Your Greatest Work

Your Greatest Work

Hosted by: Manja Horner

I'm your host, Manja Horner. This is Your Greatest Work Podcast, the show for course creators who want to become the recognized expert in their field. You will find this podcast helpful if you know that your course or...


Learning Experiences with Empathy

Season #1 Episode #16

Learning Experiences with Empathy Manja interview Vince Grabowski on the ins and outs of digital learning, new methodologies, and learning experience with empathy. This episode is engaging and well-worth listening...
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How to Make DEI Training Work

Season #1 Episode #15

In Episode 15 of Your Greatest Work, Manja talks with Belinda and Calvin about supporting diversity and inclusion in course creation. You won't want to miss this incredibly useful episode. ... Diversity, equity, and...
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Negotiation and Virtual Sales Training

Season #1 Episode #14

In Episode 14 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Josh talk about the nuances of virtual negotiation and sales. ... So you have a course. It's refined, tweaked, tested, and it's your greatest work. Amazing. Wonderful....
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Help Adults Measure Learning Progress

Season #1 Episode #13

In episode 13 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Deborah talk in-depth about strategies for effectively teaching adults. ... Teaching is hard. Whether you're teaching English to a classroom of children, teaching violin...
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Creating Professional Course Videos

Season #1 Episode #12

In Episode 12 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Amanda talk about strategies for creating professional course videos! ... Many courses involve video components. Why not? Videos can engage your visual and audio senses,...
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Creating Explosive Online Learning Experiences

Season #1 Episode #11

Manja and Cath talk about finding creative ways to make learning experiences engaging and even explosive. Some courses are dry. Like mouth-parchingly, kind of like eating flour, click-through-as-fast as possible sort...
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Every Program Should Have Skills Practice

Season #1 Episode #10

Taking hard communication skills and helping people practice them in a safe and effective way can boost on the job performance by up to 50%. Want to know how to sustain sales, communication, and DEI training with...
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Neuroscience of Learning

Season #1 Episode #9

Marketing is so wildly successful because sales and marketing people have been able to capture the primal brain, triggering emotion and primal urges to buy. This exact same neuroscience applies to learning design. In...
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Mindset is #1 When Changing Behaviours with Jordanna Nativ

Season #1 Episode #8

"My clients have turned typically negative experiences, like weight loss and exercise into the catalyst for them to feel like their best self every single day." - Jordanna Nativ If you've ever wondered why it's so...
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Your Course is the Tip of Iceberg

Season #1 Episode #7

Thank you for listening. In this episode, we’re talking about an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg is your course that people see. All of the things under the waterline – the things that surround your course or are...
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Presell Your Course Before Making It

Season #1 Episode #6

In my discovery calls, I hear this: tell me about your idea, tell me what you are excited about, how does this tie to your expertise, what do you need help with? The ideas are fabulous, but it's my job to help a...
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Make Mentorship a Cornerstone of Learning

Season #1 Episode #5

Don't miss this rare English interview with Dominic Sicotte, a family man and community driven entrepreneur with a huge heart for young people, entrepreneurs and mentorship. He is the Founding President and Executive...
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