#33: Course Audits and Benefits of Licensing Content from Sarah Swain’s Experience

Season #2

Imagine having a professional take a peek into an area of your business and tell you their professional advice. How would that make you feel?

For Sarah Swain, a guest we have had on our show before, it feels relieving, it brings reassurance, and takes a weight off her shoulders. We talk about having an audit done to your learning offer. In this case, Sarah was pilot testing her Strategy to Success group coaching program. She needed her program to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the industry. A third party audit took her program up that extra notch.

Surprisingly, a second benefit of the audit was identifying the places where her students were getting stuck. Because Sarah wasn’t a professional in this particular area, she licensed content to teacher her students the process and method by which they could build out a learning service or product themselves which would be guaranteed to get student results.

Sarah talks all about the process of having a course audit, how far she has come as a result, why she’s downright proud of the second version of her program Simple F*cking Strategy and why licensing content is a win-win business model that may be the best route for you.

Connect with Sarah here:

Marketing Archetype Quiz: https://www.businesswithsarah.com/quiz

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamsarahswain

Apply for Sarah’s Mastermind: https://www.businesswithsarah.com/

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