#30: The Best Learning Advice of 2021

Season #2

Thank you for tuning in this year.

If it weren't for you listening, for my awesome guests who have brought their gold nuggets of information and pearls of wisdom, this podcast would be no fun at all!

But... here we are at the end of 2021, with 30 episodes. I'm grateful beyond belief!

Before I jump into highlights from this season, I want to remind you that we are in the middle of a mini series all about passive income - this illustrious dream, the mindset you need, how to activate this business model in your product mix, my favourite way to earn in 2022 and coming soon in two weeks, a guest interview with a business coach who is right now benefiting from licensing intellectual property. Go back and listen if you've missed these. Catch episodes #26 - 31

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Friends mentioned in this episode:

Lara McCulloch - Brand Positioning

Dominic Sicotte - Youtubers Inc

Jennifer Van Barneveld Pe - Team Strong Girls

Leah Neaderthal - Smart Gets Paid

Renee Warren - We Wild Women

Alex Street - Fearless Speakers Academy

Rachel Mutuc - The Podcast Launchpad