#28: PASSIVE INCOME - Growth Hacks to Scale Your Learning Business

Season #2

In this episode I want to talk about you and why if you're thinking small & comparing yourself to other businesses, you're holding yourself back from achieving passive income and growth in your business.

There are huge possibilities to scale your education business. But, if you're stuck in a box, comparing yourself to the business models that everyone else is doing, and if you're thinking small. These are the things that are holding you back.

If I were to bottom line the whole issue, and you know I love to do that. The biggest mindset hurdles that exist are Time and Experience. These can keep our business really small, limit our growth, hinder our ability to scale, and keep us working super hard.

I reveal in this episode the mindset hacks to bust through these biggest challenges. And, encourage you to progress your idea forward the right way so you get a learning offer to market sooner rather than later.

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