#27: Recurring Revenue From Your Course Without a Sales Funnel

Season #2

What's your aspiration as a business owner? It's to generate multiple streams of revenue, some of which don't need you to trade time for dollars. It's a great dream, and I believe it should be a goal

I share the story of how I'm generating thousands of recurring dollars each month with just one sale. My goal is to never have to sell courses. I don't want to do that, but I want to impact as many people as possible with my course Your Greatest Work: Learning Design Course. I share how I do this personally, and why this could be a great business model for you too.

Because If your aspiration is passive income. You just need the right business model.

In this episode, learn

  • What type of business models are more passive
  • Who is the best business owner to be entering into this passive income model
  • Who wants to buy this type of content

Passive income is totally possible in 2022. And I'd love to help you achieve it. But... you probably won't get a product ready and out to market quickly unless you have some help.

I offer strategy calls to help you determine your business model, hear your idea and help you plan next steps.

I also have a full day - done with you - strategy where you'll walk away with a learning plan, ready to take to your team for development. Book a Call

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