#26: Creating a Learning Offer Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Season #2

Realistically, creating a learning offer by yourself is hard

So do me a favour, and be less offended by your own inability.

Stop being offended with yourself when you can’t be a specialist! It’s ok to not know how to do something really well in your business. Since when do we have to be able to do everything perfectly? That’s a total lie.

Creating a course or learning event has so many hurdles and minefields to navigate. Working with a learning expert can get rid of some hurdles and risks. In this episode, I’m going to share several failures I had in my career and what I learned so I don’t repeat those mistakes. You can learn from them too… you’re welcome!

Take a deep breath, and let it go. Because if you’ve tried to create learning and it didn’t work. Or if you launched something and it flopped, or if you started creating a course and it never saw the light of day. Please know that you’re not alone!

This episode is about you learning from me --  my challenges, my failures, and why you should stop being offended by your own inability to create a learning product that’s amazing. Because friend, you probably haven’t developed the skill set yet. And should you really?

Contact the learning experts, work with us over December and January to get your learning product to market way sooner in 2022 than if you were to try and DIY it yourself

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