#24: Deciding when you're ready to hire a learning designer

Season #2

So you've got an idea for a course or training, should you get underway with a do-it-yourself learning product or should you hire a learning designer?

DIY learning products have their promises & their pitfalls. It's a topic I discussed at length in podcast episode #23. In short, DIY learning products often involve waaay more time & effort than you planned &/or DIY learning products just aren't as effective as you hoped.

So — for good reason — you may find yourself hesitant to undertake a DIY learning product. But you may also find yourself hesitant to hire a learning designer to make your course. How do you know if you're ready for this?

In this episode, I outline four steps you need to take before hiring a learning designer. These points should help you know if you're ready to outsource the idea you have for a brand new learning product.

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