#23: Here's How to Avoid DIY Learning Products that Flop

Season #2

Real talk: we've all seen Pinterest fails or recipe flops and nearly died of laughter. Why? Because DIY projects are often much harder than they look.

The same goes for learning products. Just like it's easy to scroll through Pinterest and be overly confident in your abilities, it's easy to look at a learning product and think 'I can totally do that.'

But the difference between a failed Pinterest tutorial and a flopped learning product is massive. If your DIY Pinterest project fails, you have an entertaining story and photo.

But if your DIY learning product flops, you have a product that doesn't actually help your learners.

I see this as the core problem with most learning products in the market (& on the internet) today. They're all DIY projects without expert advice — and it shows. Let's break this down: what's the issue, why does it matter, and what should you do to avoid it.


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