#22: Creating Community of Loyal Students Who Achieve Transformation

Season #2

Manja continues Season 2 of Your Greatest Work with a peer mastermind with Jennifer Van Barneveld Pe, owner of Team Strong Girls, and President of Strong Fitness Magazine.

Though Team Strong Girls offers multiple programs including the classic one-on-one coaching, and membership platform, they’ve grown to include a newly launched Strong Formula program for fitness coach development. The heart of Team Strong Girls’ success is their loyal & transformative community and coaches.

In this episode, Jennifer and Manja discuss fostering transformative communities, piloting new programs, assessment strategies, scaling your business, & more. Along the way, they highlight three components of fostering community: Community through coaching, questioning, common struggles & shared stories.

Tune in to the conversation between Jennifer & Manja for rich insights if you want to cultivate community and grow your coaching program well beyond your own capacity.