#21: Membership Engagement Beyond Facebook and Zoom

Season #2

Manja continues Season 2 of Your Greatest Work with a peer mastermind with Alex Street, a coach for speakers, brand messaging, and stories.

Alex and Manja discuss how to build a membership that's engaging beyond Facebook and Zoom, an area of opportunity Alex is looking to explore.

Together, Manja and Alex unpack the two keys to creating an engaging membership that delivers relevant, high-quality content again and again and again.

They discuss the importance of mapping membership journeys and how to implement these journeys into the membership.

To complement the membership journey, Manja and Alex also discuss how to make video calls actually engaging — and why abandoning Zoom might not be such a bad idea!

Listen with your pen and notebook on hand, because you're going to grab absolute GOLD in this episode.

About Alex Street

Alex believes when you tell your story you change the world. As an actor, youth pastor, and public speaker for more than 20 years, he knows firsthand how powerful storytelling is when it comes to personal development, business strategy, and cultivating empathy in our world.

Now, with his Transformation Story Arc, Alex helps entrepreneurs create a clear message that connects with their audience and changes the world.

Alex has coached TEDx Speakers, bestselling authors, and 7-figure coaches to find the WHY rooted in their signature story. He has a Masters in Theological Studies, is a husband of 16 years, and dad to three Gen Z kids in Toronto, Ontario.