#19: Three Ways to Boost Membership Engagement Over 50%

Season #2

Three Tips to Boost Membership Engagement Over 50%

Manja continues Season 2 of Your Greatest Work with a peer mastermind with Dominic Sicotte of YouTubersINC. Dominic and Manja discuss three actionable ways to boost membership engagement, an area of opportunity Dominic is currently facing.


As entrepreneurs, even when there's a lot going well for you and your program, there's always an area bugging you. Something's not going quite as well as you want. For Dominic, that area is membership engagement. His engagement is way higher than the industry average, but he wants it to be even better!

How can you improve your membership engagement? How can you help your members to be completely engaged in their own success?

That's the question we're tackling today! Improving — and sustaining — membership engagement is a challenge for almost every course creator.

For Dominic, his membership community, YouTubersINC, helps entrepreneurs build their business empires on and around YouTube. His program offers the tools, strategies, and insights people need to succeed in front of the camera (the "YouTube" piece) and behind the scenes (the "INC" piece). Dominic wants to double membership engagement — after a conversation with Manja, here's how he's going to get there:

[1] Get his participants connected to their why

[2] Reduce content overwhelm

[3] Help participants set expectations ahead of the program

Are you facing a similar challenge of member engagement? How can you implement the strategies described here? Are you already doing any of these? If so, how can that be improved?

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About Our Guest

Dominic Sicotte of YouTubersINC has 20 years of video, PR, and business experience. He's a family man and community-driven entrepreneur with a huge heart for young people, entrepreneurs, and mentorship.

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