#17 What makes a course disengaging

Season #2

What makes a course disengaging?

Manja opens Season 2 of Your Greatest Work with a discussion of course fails or ways that courses become disengaging — and what you can do to fix this in y our own course.


We've all been there: bored out of our minds by a course, program, or class. It's awful. No one enjoyed disengaging learning — especially your learners! So let's talk for a bit about what makes courses boring for learners.

In all honesty, its easier to make learning disengaging than it is to make learning engaging. There are six common ways that courses can become boring for learners:

[1] Too Much Content

[2] Too Much Teaching

[3] Mediocre Facilitation

[4] Disorganization

[5] Outdated Design

[6] Discouragingly Difficult

Finally, welcome feedback!

You'll never find the issues with your course if you don't look for them! So seek feedback, collect surveys, get data from your learners. This takes humility, a growth mindset, and dedication to improving your program.

The results though! They're worth it! People will happily recommend courses when the program actually worked for them. And for that to happen, your course must be engaging!

So brainstorm the opportunity areas in your own course. Sit down with an objective eye and consider the opportunities you have for improving your program.

And if you need help along the way, that's what I'm here for!

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