Season 2 Trailer: Your Greatest Work

Season #2

Only a few short months ago, Your Greatest Work podcast was launched. And I'm so thankful for every single listener who has tuned in to hear from the 16 interviews that we concluded. And I hope that you are looking forward to what's coming for season two, we're not going to have a big break here because there are amazing interviews lined up. It's a little different style this season though. We're doing Hot Seat coaching. So every interview is going to be an entrepreneur or a course creator jumping into the hot seat and receiving in the moment brainstorming advice and coaching from me.

Season one was incredible. We brought on some of the most interesting people in course creation and in learning experience design, and they gave us some of their best insights into their area of expertise. We're shifting gears for season two.

We're putting course creators and coaches in the hot seat and coaching them live on their business goal as it relates to their course offering or program this season is bringing on entrepreneurs and course creators with successful programs who still have some questions. They are wondering how they can continue to grow this business while still maintaining awesome results for their students for their learners and clients. They're wondering how can they expand their business by hiring facilitators and other coaches to support these programs while still maintaining quality and integrity. They're wondering how to create more variety in their programs, how to iterate and make changes, and evolve their programs.

All of these questions will be explored in season two of your greatest work with entrepreneurs and course creators who are extremely successful tune in and don't miss a single episode while we live coach and discuss your biggest questions when it comes to course creation.

We are still taking some applicants I am looking for coaches or course creators who want to get in the hot seat and receive coaching to achieve the goal in their program that they are most desperate to achieve. If you are interested in jumping in the hot seat and getting advice from a learning experience, design professional, please apply. I want you I want to have the conversations and I want to see how we can help you achieve your goals to make your learning the absolute best and create experiences that get great results for your audience. We hope that you have a great day and enjoy the upcoming season.