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Who is this for?

CoachesConsultants or Entrepreneurs with the expertise or idea to serve their audience. This level of professionalism needs a structured and professional course, program or membership.

We help you with your own ideas, coach you as you put in the work to create a learning plan that will change people.

We have all the tech, resources, connections and expertise to help you stay accountable and successful toward your goal.

Wondering where to start? 


Turn what you know into a successful program.


➡️ Trust that your experience and expertise is truly needed in the world. Because it is!

➡️ Create a professional learning plan that you can use to build your own program or delegate to a learning pro.

➡️ This 10 week program will walk you through a tried and true process that will save you time and frustration along the way.

Here is what you can expect from the program.

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Program Overview

+ 10 week self-paced with new video content released weekly

+ Weekly zoom call for Q&A and peer learning

+ Workbook to implement your own learning plan

+ Tools, templates, cheat sheets, and writing prompts

+ Access to call a your coach for personal help

+ Submission of your work to get timely feedback 

Program Benefits

Gain confidence and become a trusted learning partner by learning to ask the right questions

Get the best results as you walk through this thorough and results based process

Turn what you know into a program. Trust that your experience and expertise is truly needed in the world.

Access the tech, tools and resources used by learning professionals.

What You'll Learn

Your Course Advisor

Manja Horner is a corporate learning designer and consultant. She has almost a decade of experience working on big budget, high stakes learning programs targeted at executives. She brings a rigour to project design and process that will ensure you produce a high quality learning plan that gets results.

Manja is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs like you in your business. You can expect to have a great time learning with Manja because she's not all pencil skirts and panyt hose. With those corporate days becoming a distant memory, you'll find Manja on webinars sometimes with a little one in the background and that's simply reality. 

Get started right away

Manja can only consult for a few clients every year, so this is a very exciting opportunity to be able to have access to her entire process and advice for yourself, right now!

Enjoy material and advice valued at well over $5,000

Special Founder's Cohort Rate: $999 USD

Your participation in this founding cohort means you will be asked for feedback to help shape the future of this program.

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$999 USD



"Manja is a highly skilled learning expert. She brings a unique combination of intelligence, creativity and client-centricity to her work. She is also a consummate professional: confident, calm and in control in the most stressful situations."

Doug Robertson, Director

“Manja is a remarkably bright and creative being - she listens to your needs and asks all the right questions which consistently results in her creating incredible learning experiences that leave lasting impacts.”

Yvonne SoBeach, Senior Advisor