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Work from Home Productively

Spring is only six weeks away. Two months into the new year and it feels like 2020 is still nipping on our heals. Take a second and honestly answer this: where are you at on the sanity scale?

[A]  I can't get anything done & I'm totally in the weeds

[B]  Coping and managing most of the time

[C]  When people ask how I am, I can honestly say "well"

We've been living through one of the weirdest, strangest, "unprecedented" times in recent history. Collectively this is wierd. In the midst of this mess, we're all looking for ways to not just survive but thrive. We want to keep earning money, stabilize our incomes, and manage our time in a meaningful way. Let's be honest, lockdowns have definitely made these challenges very obvious.

The climate of uncertainty hasn't changed. For many families, kids are back in school then out of school in a hodge podge that's exhausting to keep up with. (I bet many of us feel like we need —not just want, but need...

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