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Create Courses that People Finish

Why do we keep blaming the learner when it comes to our courses not being finished? It's actually not entirely our learner’s fault. There's a lot that we can be doing as course creators to encourage them and excite them to not only buy our program but to finish it.

How you ever bought a course, program or a membership and spent a lot of money, got a couple of modules in, and then quit? Most of us have; it's super common and tons of your audience is doing the same thing.

The average completion rate is 15% industry-wide. That means, on average, 85% of your audience does not finish the course or program they just bought.

How does your completion rate compare? If you're scared to look (or even more scared now that you know), keep coming back here for more insight. There are a number of strategies to identify the problems and find solutions to get your learners finishing.

When you buy a course or membership that's not the right fit, what does that feel like as a consumer? Do you...

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7 Ways To Deliver Content Online

You've decided to create online learning; the next step to creating a learn-able virtual program focuses on structuring your content.

These strategies all involve following the Principles of Adult Learning, a topic I've written about more extensively in this blog post.

The key to applying these principles is to remember that people like self-directed, well-organized content that is relevant and applicable to them right now. With that in mind, here are some strategies for conveying content in a more engaging and learn-able way:

1. Stick to focused objectives to avoid knowledge dumping onto the learner. No one wants to read tons of irrelevant information; it's dry, boring, and inhibits the learner from actually learning what they want to learn.

Less is More

Rather, laser-focus on your objectives and tie these to the desired performance outcomes of the course. Guarantee that your learner will reach these outcomes. Lots of online "learning" simply pours unstructured information...

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Top 6 Adult Learning Principles to Boost Your Training

Before I was a corporate instructional designer and entrepreneur, I was a violin teacher. Since I was in high school, I taught little kids, teenagers, middle-aged women, and a few old men how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Irish fiddle tunes. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work!

After eight years, my ears were ready to explode and I knew it was time to move on. But I will never trade that time because it led me to this fulfilling career today – teaching adults new skills in just about every subject based on my experience as a learning consultant and instructional designer.

It’s why I’m passionate about supporting small businesses, coaches, consultants and other professionals who are working so hard to offer their unique skills to improve the lives of others.

Throughout my decade long journey of teaching and coaching all kinds of subject matter to people of all ages and walks of life, I learned what motivates adults to learn and how to ensure the...

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