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Create Courses that People Finish

Why do we keep blaming the learner when it comes to our courses not being finished? It's actually not entirely our learner’s fault. There's a lot that we can be doing as course creators to encourage them and excite them to not only buy our program but to finish it.

How you ever bought a course, program or a membership and spent a lot of money, got a couple of modules in, and then quit? Most of us have; it's super common and tons of your audience is doing the same thing.

The average completion rate is 15% industry-wide. That means, on average, 85% of your audience does not finish the course or program they just bought.

How does your completion rate compare? If you're scared to look (or even more scared now that you know), keep coming back here for more insight. There are a number of strategies to identify the problems and find solutions to get your learners finishing.

When you buy a course or membership that's not the right fit, what does that feel like as a consumer? Do you...

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7 Ways To Deliver Content Online

You've decided to create online learning; the next step to creating a learn-able virtual program focuses on structuring your content.

These strategies all involve following the Principles of Adult Learning, a topic I've written about more extensively in this blog post.

The key to applying these principles is to remember that people like self-directed, well-organized content that is relevant and applicable to them right now. With that in mind, here are some strategies for conveying content in a more engaging and learn-able way:

1. Stick to focused objectives to avoid knowledge dumping onto the learner. No one wants to read tons of irrelevant information; it's dry, boring, and inhibits the learner from actually learning what they want to learn.

Less is More

Rather, laser-focus on your objectives and tie these to the desired performance outcomes of the course. Guarantee that your learner will reach these outcomes. Lots of online "learning" simply pours unstructured information...

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6 Ways People Can Learn Online

Let's address the elephant, the question so many of us are asking ourselves quietly:

Can people actually learn when they're being taught online? Does this work? Is it realistic? Or are we all just wasting our efforts?

Yes, I just asked the un-askable question. The question that students, teachers, professionals, and educators of all sorts are asking themselves right now. The question that we're all scared to answer honestly when students worldwide from the youngest of elementary to the oldest of professional continuing education have no choice but to convert to this online model of teaching.

I know I've heard a lot of complaints that online learning isn't working. Complaints that it's not engaging, that it's too much screen time, that it's hard to handle, and that it's ineffective. Professionals complain, parents complain, teachers complain — 8-year-old screen lovers complain.

The truth is: online learning can work, if done right.

I have a lot of experience as an instructional...

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5 Ways To Get People to Finish Courses

Worst case scenario: You review course analytics and only 2% of people have completed your course all the way through. How annoying is that? The goal is to get people to buy your course and finish it so they can get results, right?

Want to improve that metric on your current course and especially when you design future courses? Here are five tricks to get people to start and finish your course.

1. Halve the Goal

From Jon Acuff’s book “Finish: Give Yourself The Gift Of Done”, we can apply this strategy to our own course design. He says that perfectionism prompts us to over-stretch. We believe that we have to set large goals for ourselves and our audience. The planning fallacy refers to human tendency to under-estimate the amount of time needed to complete a task. The bigger the goal, the more insurmountable it seems halfway into the process.

The Solution: Cut your goal by 50%. When you reduce the size of your course or module, or at least cut the learning...

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