Your Course Is the Tip of the Iceberg

May 17, 2021

In Episode 7 of Your Greatest Work, we describe how your course is just the tip of the iceberg and talk about everything that surrounds it "underneath the waterline."


Let's face it: your course is just the tip of the iceberg, the small bit that people see. But, just like an iceberg, your course has inputs "underneath the waterline" that surround your course.

Knowing what's underneath the waterline and how to do it properly is not always simple —which is exactly why I'm taking the time to explore these six components.

1. The Ideal Customer

When selling directly to consumers, have a clear picture of your customer avatar or the person who is buying and taking your course. Consider their demographics, psychographics, and environment. Plus their skill, knowledge, and mindset gaps.

Done effectively, this information will impact your marketing and course content.

To get richer insights into your customer avatar, talk to them! Survey them, ask them questions, dig into their real needs then use this to inform your course. This will prevent the development of unsuitable courses that waste time and money and effort. Download a worksheet to craft your ideal customers avatar.

2. Assessment & Evaluation

How will you evaluate your learner's capabilities and improvements as they progress through the learning? How will you evaluate the course generally? That's difficult unless you plan this out from the start. Set up knowledge checks as well as coaching or mentorship as part of the program to observe changes in the learning progress.

Evaluating the learner happens in three stages based on the Kirkpatrick Model: Do they like it? Do they know more? Can they do something differently?

Actually evaluating whether or not learners are learning is helpful for refining and marketing your course. It gives you a quantifiable improvement in skills, knowledge, or mindset to leverage with prospective buyers.

3. Tech Platform

Is the course delivered with a free tech approach, like Notion or Email? Or higher effort tech like LearnDash, Kajabi, or Thinkific?

New platforms pop up every day but carefully considering your course, business model and your learner needs will help you find the right one. And, if you need help wading through the sea of Edtech, I have the experience to help you, just reach out.

4. Learner Support

This component is all about one question: how are you creating an experience to support learners as they're going through your course?

5. Accountability

Ah yes, of course. Accountability should be baked into the course. A Facebook group isn't always the solution to generate engagement. Get creative. How else could you put accountability into your course structure?

To illustrate, accountability could be integrating calendar invites to make it easy to schedule and set aside the time to learn.

6. Sales Funnel & Marketing

Having a killer course doesn't go very far without a sales funnel and marketing strategy. A full marketing strategy includes creating content that will bring awareness to your program. This compliments the sales funnel which drives traffic to your program.

Feeling a little uncertain?

I can help you create amazing experiences that get results. For more information, book a discovery call. I’ll help you take your idea to a finished product through...

  • The Accelerator Workshop focused on prevalidating and testing your market to see if your idea is worth developing.
  • The Velocity Workshop will take you through a series of events with one-on-one support to build your entire new program.

I’d love to hear from you, connect on LinkedIn, Instagram or by email.


Through conversations with global leaders and the credibility of personal industry, Your Greatest Work digs deeper into learning design in useful and applicable ways. The seventh episode is out now, listen to it here.

Stay tuned for coming episodes. Let's start the conversation about making your current work into your greatest work.

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