The 4 Steps In Creating A Valuable Online Course That Will Transform Your Learner And Boost Your Sales

Aug 23, 2021

My mission is to get rid of bad courses and programs from the digital course industry. This is a big mission, but I'm here for it. Slowly but surely and with consistency, I believe this industry can become well respected and less like the wild west that it has become. I am pleased that women like Melissa Houston are all in; she is here supporting Entrepreneurs and also cares about great learning experiences in her own programs. You can read the feature in Forbes that Melissa wrote: 

The 4 Steps In Creating A Valuable Online Course That Will Transform Your Learner And Boost Your Sales

Like Melissa, there are many entrepreneurs who deeply care about the learning experience they provide. Offers are crafted with beautiful design and creative engagement strategies. Yet for this small percentage of AMAZING offers, there is a vast number of offers that don't work.

Why? They lack the correct focus on the learner's needs. They're designed without thought for the outcomes that learners want, and don't consider adult learning principles or rules to engage and help learners retain. 

There are simple fixes. We teach the Boost Method of learning design which teaches entrepreneurs to think like learning experience designers. It gives them the system and criteria to create brilliant learning offers and transformative programs. 

We can all contribute to a better industry by being open to feedback, curious about making our programs transformative and getting professional learning help whenever possible. You aren't expected to know everything, so bring a learning consultant into your project to help steer it to success from the start.

Don't want until you are ready to give up! Contact us today to get professional advice.


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