Successful Courses Have These Three Things In Common

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Successful Courses Have These Three Things In Common

Manja continues Season 2 of Your Greatest Work with a discussion of course successes and ways you can implement these features of success in your own course.


What makes a course or program successful?

Think about a course you've participated in that worked for you. You sat down and started the program and just loved it. You felt like you were making progress and the experience was valuable.

What made this program so good? Can you recreate this?

From my experience, successful courses have three things in common:

1. People Start Trying Right Away

Image your clients — your learners — are smart and knowledgable. They can start implementing and trying things right away. With this in mind, design your course to help your learners take steps toward their goals by building habits and actions immediately.

2. Less Teaching More Doing

When courses don't have people start trying right away, they usually have people start by listening to information or lessons in some form. And, oftentimes, courses talk too much.

They teach and teach and teach — and the learner hasn't done anything. We forget that implementation is where learners and clients experience success. Focus on getting your learner to start taking action.

You can teach everything you want about fitness, but if you never help your learner get to the gym, they'll never see results. The same concept applies to any course.

3. Progress is Shown

After your learner starts taking action, they may not feel like they're making much progress. Help show progress to your learners! Prompt them to stop, think, and reflect on the changes they've been implementing. How has this felt? What has this been like for them?

This helps learners recognize their progress so far. It's also an effective way to incorporate some teaching — audio or visual — about the importance of whatever the learner has been doing.

Structuring your course with these three keys is a much more successful way of encouraging people to make changes. How can you apply this to your course? Where can you get your learners trying and doing?

If you're not sure or struggling to implement these concepts, that's what I'm here for! I help all kinds of entrepreneurs with their courses through course audits, feedback, and learning design programs. If you're feeling stuck, check out some of our other content (on the blog, in the podcast, or on our social media channels) or contact me directly!

Together, let's make your program into something absolutely amazing and outstanding!

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