Small Changes & Consistency Get Big Results in PR & Learning Businesses

Nov 24, 2021

How do you keep people accountable in your learning offer? Not just accountable in attendance and completion, but accountable in doing the work, accountable in implementing.

And how do you deliver the right amount of content? Not too much that your learners are overwhelmed but too little that your learners aren't getting a valuable experience.

How do you find that sweet spot for your learning offer?

On episode 25 of Your Greatest Work, my guest Renée Warren, Founder of We Wild Women and I discussed this question. She's been pondering some of these questions as she continues to refine her program, Sidelines to Headlines. Through her program, Renée teaches female entrepreneurs how they can effectively be a one-woman PR powerhouse that bolsters their visibility, credibility, and legitimacy in their industry.

But Renée's not the only one asking these questions. Figuring out what works for your learning program can be so difficult. That's why we're unpacking two important principles — small changes and consistency — that make a good learning program into a great learning program.

Make Small Adjustments Changes

How do you improve a business by 10%? Well, you could try making a massive change, but that might leave you just hoping for the best. Instead, you could improve ten smaller pieces and see the small changes add up.

That's what learning programs are like. Sometimes you don't need to scrap your work; you need to lean into the value of making many small tweaks.

Instead of having an 'agenda' for your live call, consider having one — or maybe two — 'learning objectives' for your live call. This reframe, which I advise Renee to consider, can change the way you plan and approach your call.

And if you already have a learning objective? Try refining the wording of your learning objective to be a strong, actionable, and measurable objective. "I want people to understand PR by the end of this call' is a learning objective but not a very helpful one. Instead, use this structure:

'By the end of this call, I want my clients to' + <insert an action verb> + <a measurable outcome>

For example, the learning objective 'I want people to write two PR pitches by the end of this call' is much more helpful for you to stay on track, not bombard your learner with too much content and is most helpful for your learners to make progress.

Another small change that Renée has embraced: checklists. Consider giving your learners a checklist that will provide structure to the learning curriculum. Checklists can also help learners know what to do next, give a sense of accomplishment when something is completed, and even become a marker of progress to keep your learners more accountable.

Over time, making small adjustments to your learning program adds up. These 'small tweaks' can become massive improvements over time.

And that brings us to our second important principle:

Lean into Consistency

According to Renée, consistency is your currency. Consistency is essential for your learners — for building habits and for helping them reach their goals after your program has ended. But consistency is also essential for the development of your learning program.

No learning program is perfectly effective in its first iteration. Crafting effective learning programs requires putting in consistent effort — for making adjustments, for tweaking materials, and for always seeking improvement.

To be successful in your business, you must be consistent. As Renée said, the last mile is never crowded. The biggest breakthroughs can come when you simply refuse to give up.

That mindset — the mindset of consistency — is essential for everyone to develop. Whether its in PR efforts, in learning design adjustment, or even in drinking water, consistency will enable growth and growth will enable success.

Feeling a little uncertain?

I can help you create amazing learning experiences that get results. For more information, book a discovery call. I’ll help you break through your plateau and boost your learning experiences, coaching programs, and digital learning offers.

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About Our Guest

Renée Warren is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author, and founder of We Wild Women, a platform that helps entrepreneurs start and scale their own businesses. She’s also the host of the celebrated podcast, Into the Wild.

Renée firmly believes that the best advice comes from someone who has successfully done it before. Her approach to coaching comes from over 22 years of experience as an entrepreneur and unapologetic risk-taker.

When she’s not coaching or podcasting, Renée can be found spending time with her family. She also enjoys working out, reading business books, and refining her drumming skills.

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