[Part 4] Clarify Your Learner From Your Buyer

Feb 25, 2022

You’re committed; you’re developing your learning offer and it’s starting to come together. Before you can successfully launch your learning offer, you need to stop and evaluate something absolutely crucial. You need to think about your buyer and your learner.

This clarification will affect your messaging strategy. Let’s break it down.

When are your learner and your buyer the same person? When are they different people?

When course creators sell directly to their end-user, they have a business-to-consumer sales model, a B-to-C model. In B-to-C sales, the buyer and the learner are the same person. Their goals, desires, and pain points are the same.

When course creators sell to an intermediary that will deliver their content, they have a business-to-business sales model, a B-to-B model. This usually takes the form of corporate clients of various industries and sizes. In B-to-B sales, the buyer and the learner are different people. Their goals, desires, and pain points are different. And that matters.

If your buyer and your learner are different people, you will need a strategic message tailored to each of them.

What does your buyer care about?

To clarify your buyer, evaluate who they are, what they want, and where you can find them.

With a B-to-B sales model, your buyer may be in HR, in sales, or in marketing. Make a list of these prospects and spend some time figuring out why they would want your learning offer. How does your learning offer support their business goals?

Use these desires and pain points to craft a strategic message marketing your learning offer to your buyer.

What does your learner care about?

To clarify your learner, evaluate what they need, what outcomes they want, and what the point of this learning is for them.

The strategic message for the learner will focus on the benefits of this learning for them. Make this clear, engaging, and motivating. This is a different approach and thought process when they’re not the one directly buying your learning offer from you.

After I’ve clarified my learner and my buyer, I move on to preparing to research my learner’s needs — the topic of the next blog post in our series on creating learning offers.

Watch the Linkedin live stream or catch the replay for a link to a downloadable worksheet with specific questions, structures, and prompts to help you create your learning offer.

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