Part 3: Growth Hacks to Scale Your Learning Business

entrepreneurship productivity Dec 20, 2021

When people hear the term "growth hacks," they probably think of marketing. I'm talking about another kind of growth hack — a growth hack for your mindset. Sometimes we don't realize it, but our mindset is our greatest barrier to success.

And when it comes to developing a learning offer, your mindset obstacles can absolutely cripple you. So let's talk about it.

What mindset obstacles are holding you back?

The two absolute biggest obstacles for entrepreneurs developing learning offers is time and expertise. These obstacles can emerge in a number of different ways.

Maybe you're trying to take a DIY approach to your learning offer. You're a one-person show trying to create it, refine it, market it, and facilitate it. Here both time and expertise become obstacles. You only have so much time and you don't know the ins and outs of every single nitty gritty piece of learning design.

Learning offers are way too big for one person to handle without quickly getting burnt out. Nobody who creates and sells learning at any sort of scale does so by themselves.

Or maybe you're trying to create a learning product without a clear learning design, without a clear strategy, or without a refined process. Once again, time and expertise are your obstacles. You'll lack clarity on the steps involved in learning offers and you'll probably make a lot of mistakes. I've seen this so many times. Learning projects without a clear plan end up behind and over budget.

Or maybe you're keeping yourself in a tiny box. You've seen others sell digital courses so that's what you want to create — but this is actually an expertise obstacle. There's a whole variety of learning offers and business models out there, and what's the right fit for you may look nothing like anything else you've seen.

If you don't address your mindset obstacles, a successful learning offer — and the dream of passive income — can seem so close but out of your reach at the same time.

What growth hacks can help?

First, accept a bit of tough love: You need to face reality and set realistic expectations for your project, your budget, your timeline, and yourself.

And you have to recognize the need for a team of support. No one — and I truly mean no one — creates a learning offer by themselves.

As you go, you will need to capture your ideas and thought leadership into a written model and a written plan. This will be the foundation for your learning offer.

Finally, you have to realize that you can outsource. There's no shame in hiring! You can literally smash through those obstacles by bringing in the cavalry of experts.

So what mindset obstacles are holding you back? Where do you need a boost? Check out our course creator capabilities quiz to get some tailored, personalized feedback.

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