Part 1: Creating a Learning Offer is Hard

Nov 30, 2021

You need to be less offended by your own inability. It's okay — in fact, it's perfectly normal — to not know how to do some piece of your business really well. Since when do we have to do everything perfectly? We don't. That's a lie.

The reality is that creating a course, a learning event, or an educational offer has countless minefields and hurdles. If you've ever tried to create learning and it didn't work, or you launched something and it flopped, or you started making a course and it never saw the light of day — you're not alone.

Although you make be an expert in your subject matter, you probably haven't developed expertise in learning design. But do you really need to? Learning experts exist for a reason. They can help you avoid those hurdles, minefields, and risks.

That's what this upcoming mini-series is all about. Together we'll go on a journey through the challenges, opportunities, and inspirations of achieving passive income with integrity through a learning offer.

If you've already tried creating a learning offer, you know how hard it really is. If you're brand new to this idea and drooling over the thought of learning offers as a passive income stream, don't let this conversation put you off. Instead, consider it a chance to see behind the curtain and get the lay of the land before your journey begins.

So to kick us off, I want to share a few of my own failures — and what I learned from these failures — so that you don't repeat the same mistakes.

In a round-about way, I've been a learning designer since I was six years old. As a homeschooled elementary school student, I summarized lessons for my siblings, teaching them as I learned. As a teenager, I began giving violin lessons and, despite having no formal instruction on how to teach, helped my students succeed in their musical aspirations. As a young adult, I got a degree in Education and began working as an instructional designer at BMO, one of Canada's biggest banks.

Along the way, wow, I have failed again and again and again.

Some of the mini-courses that I released just did okay mainly because my marketing efforts flopped. And, after a short time, I got bored of them and stopped offering them. Several years ago, I started a company that never took off. We had the right government contracts, the right support from colleges, and the right training for the industry's needs. But I got scared. It was too big and, in a way, I sabotaged myself by not investing in my own company.

Even now, when I sit down to create learning, I feel a little sick, a little uneasy.

So why is it so hard to create a learning offer? Many reasons. Researching content, organizing information, and designing a curriculum take time and iteration. Learning and implementing adult learning principles is a process. Coordinating the moving pieces of content and tech platform is like choreography a complex dance.

But perhaps the biggest reason why it's hard to create a learning offer is because we get in our own way. Doubts and insecurities rear their nasty heads. Procrastination takes over. And we find ourselves paralyzed by, well, ourselves.

Pushing through these challenges is a difficult but worthwhile process — a process that requires us to just keep going, to just keep trying, and to just keep keeping on.

Don't let your own fear of failure and sensitivity of inability hold you back. Creating your learning offer will be a big project, maybe even the biggest one you've ever tackled. All the more reason to stretch yourself and lean into the opportunities of growth. And, with some considerations, you can reduce your risk.

More on that soon.

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Feeling a little uncertain

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