Online Learning Experiences are Explosive

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Online Learning Experiences are Explosive

In Episode 11 of Your Greatest Work, Manja and Cath talk about finding creative ways to make learning experiences engaging and even explosive.


Some courses are dry. Like mouth-parchingly, kind of like eating flour, click-through-as-fast as possible sort of dry

But learning doesn't have to be dry.

Learning can be engaging and exciting and —dare we say it?— explosive. How? Creative delivery.

For example, a course on business profit and loss sheets. Boring. Dry. A course following the journey of a bottle throughout a company. Intriguing. Do both teach the same thing? According to Cath Ellis, yes, but one teaches it in a much more effective way.

Look outside the industry for inspiration

Designing learning experiences often requires tapping into your creativity, exploring what's happening within the field of learning design (or even user experience design!), and seeing what new things people are trying to do.

Cath knows this well. She's forged her way into this dynamic intersection of learning development and design. As Cath shares, learning was not always easy for her and her own experiences of cognitive overload have motivated her to find effective, user-focused ways of delivering content

From her own work, Cath shared a few of her go-to strategies for delivering learning in a more creative way:

  • Simplify, simplify, simplify. This is step one. Delivering creatively works better when delivering succinctly and concisely.
  • Consider connecting the topic to pop culture or whatever is happening around the user
  • Find a story to tell. Everyone loves a good story; they're engagng and memorable.
  • Collaborate! Don't be afraid to try a new tool or new strategy and don't be afraid to work on a joint project to make it happen. Maybe this learning could be more engaging with a podcast, interactive video, VR experience, or something else entirely.

Cath talks extensively about her own process for sparking creativity in learning design, some of her favorite tools to use, and the importance of the learning design community.

Tune in to hear Cath's insights. Episode 11 is out now!


About Our Guest

Cath Ellis, Award winning Learning Experience Designer at Cath Ellis Learning Design

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