Neuroscience Says Emotion Helps Learning Retention

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Neuroscience Says Emotion Helps Learning Retention

Manja interviews Bogden Manta about using neuroscience to more effectively build awareness in learners. This is a highly intelligent and applicable episode if you want to hear the full discussion


Course creators. It's important for you to recognize that the process of change starts with awareness — and building awareness is the most difficult part. So how do you create awareness in a course or program?

Well, you don't build awareness with data and facts and statistics. These tactics focus on the rational brain.

Impact emotion

In reality, to create awareness you need to first impact the primal brain or the dominant part of the brain focused on emotions. After you catch the awareness of the primal brain, then you can begin the process of impacting the rational brain and affecting change.

But how do you do that? How do you impact the primal brain?

Bogden Manta, a neuroscientist, businessman, and course creator lays out a few strategies. According to Bogden, awareness comes from something very simple:

Create aha moments

You know, the ones where you experience something and you just get it. Lightbulb above your heard, small gasp, true "aha!" moment.

Creating aha moments is easier said than done. According to Bogden, many virtual course creators try to create aha moments but they only focus on auditory and visual senses. To make aha moments truly effective, learners need to engage their tactile senses. This connects to their primal brain and begins the process of change and learning.

How can you create effective aha experiences in virtual environments? Well, Bogden shares his experience doing just that in this week's episode.

Through immersive learning and experiential cognition, Bogden delivers impactful and truly memorable experiences; as Maya Angelou once said, "people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel’’.

Catch the full conversations in the ninth episode, listen to it here.


About Our Guest

Bogdan Manta, Founder The Essential Workshops & BvdM Consulting

Over 20 years of unleashing Neuroscience for business, creative writing, negotiating, facilitating, presenting, executive consultancy, neuromarketing, pitching, as well as show production and project management, I provide key expertise in the fields of persuasive communication, neuromarketing, pricing psychology, neuroscientific persuasion, behavior profiling, live immersive experiences, show production, and live communication.

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