Membership Engagement Beyond Facebook and Zoom

Oct 25, 2021
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Membership Engagement Beyond Facebook and Zoom

Manja continues Season 2 of Your Greatest Work with a peer mastermind with Alex Street, a coach for speakers, brand messaging, and stories. Alex and Manja discuss how to build a membership that's engaging beyond Facebook and Zoom, an area of opportunity Alex is looking to explore.


So you're launching a membership, but how do you continue to serve your members in an elevated and authentic way on a regular basis? That's the question & opportunity area that Alex Street has been digging into lately. Alex's membership — the Fearless Speakers Academy — is all about helping speakers hone their stories & communicate as effectively as possible.

Alex is all about stories and experiences. He works one-on-one with people to help them hone their story & help them through the journey of sharing that story. Recently, Alex launched his first-ever membership program.

Memberships are a long build. You're in it for the long haul — and, if you're like Alex, you want your members to be in it for the long haul too. One year, two years, even three years.

But to do that, your membership needs to be top-notch engaging and needs to feel relevant to your members at every step of the way. That's kind of a tall order. How do you keep your membership engaging in breadth and depth?

There are two keys to developing an engaging membership. Let's unpack them together.

Structuring Membership Journeys

Your marketing worked! People have joined your membership... but now what? What is the membership experience like?

This is where it's absolutely essential to map a journey for your members. Think about the transformation, the growth, & the arc you want them to experience throughout your membership. What milestones do they reach during the first month? The first year? The second-year?

Mapping your membership journey allows you to structure your content into different stages that will serve members more effectively at different points of their journey. How-to tips for getting on stage won't be very helpful for a speaker who has a list of engagements, but those same how-to tips will be essential for a first-timer.

After you've mapped out the membership journey, you have to implement it. To do this, consider developing some sort of introduction assessment. A quiz or short survey that new members complete to help you (& them!) identify where they're at in the membership journey. When you know where your members are at in their journeys, you can give them more relevant content that resonates again & again & again.

But structuring asynchronous content is only part of the challenge. of an engaging membership. For Alex, his membership offer also includes regular video calls. And that's the second key:

Making Video Actually Calls Engaging

We all know the awkward first five minutes of a zoom call. How can we capitalize that attention with something fun?

How can we make video calls actually engaging?

Put your personality into the call! If you're a playful person like Alex, consider a game or quiz or discussion question or something that gets people going right away.

Alternatively, consider abandoning the "zoom ship" for another platform. Platforms like Gather Round offer another digital space that's designed for online parties, networking, or other non-meeting events. The virtual experience is entirely different.

Make the platform, the call activities, or the creative components part of your membership experience. Try new things, see what resonates with your members & see what doesn't. Yes, it's important to hammer out as many bugs as possible before you put your members through something new, but it's also important to make your members feel engaged in the formation of their membership experience — especially early on!

There's no reason to feel trapped by mainstream membership technologies like Facebook or Zoom. Branch out & try new platforms to create unique, memorable, & potentially even more meaningful experiences for your members.

But of course, there's more we can say about launching a membership. Tune into the full conversation between Alex & Manja for more rich, applicable insights!

About Our Guest

When you tell your story you change the world — that's the belief that drives Alex Street. As an actor, youth pastor, and public speaker for more than 20 years, he knows firsthand how powerful storytelling is when it comes to personal development, business strategy, and cultivating empathy in our world.

Now, with his Transformation Story Arc, Alex helps entrepreneurs create a clear message that connects with their audience and changes the world.

Alex has coached TEDx Speakers, bestselling authors, and 7-figure coaches to find the WHY rooted in their signature story. He has a Master's in Theological Studies, is a husband of 16 years, and dad to three Gen Z kids in Toronto, Ontario.

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