Duplicating Yourself in your Coaching Business

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Duplicating Yourself in your Coaching Business

Manja continues Season 2 of Your Greatest Work with a peer mastermind with Leah Neaderthal, a sales coach for women business owners. Leah and Manja discuss actionable ways to scale your program, an area of opportunity Leah is currently drawn towards.


You've got an amazing program that's interactive but you want to serve more people? What now?

That's the challenge Leah Neaderthal is facing. Her program — SIGNED — teaches women business owners how to more effectively sell their products and services. The women in Leah's program experience immense growth in their confidence leading the sales process and land higher paying contracts from clients they actually want.

But the high student engagement and client growth is mainly from Leah's one-on-one coaching with every student in the cohort.

As is, the program is phenomenal — it's effective, finishable, and gets results for students. Because of this success, Leah wants to reach more women.

Typically in solopreneur circles, we assume that there's a trade-off between high interactivity and high learner volume. You can have a small program with interactive one-on-ones or you can have a larger fully automated program.

But what can you do if you want to keep a program highly interactive and serve more learners? There are two common ways to scale this way:

[1] Creating Tiered Programs

Rather than offering either one program with interaction or one program with no interaction, you can offer both in various tiers. You can offer a VIP tier with feedback, coaching, or other one-on-one sessions. Simultaneously, you can offer a second tier that's fully automated for learners who can't afford a VIP program or who feel comfortable enough to not need the hands-on teaching.

This tiered system can also be licensed out to generate passive income by allowing other coaches or teachers to teach your hands-on program with their employees.

If scaling this way resonates with you, you'll need to start adjusting your main current program into the two variations you plan to offer in the future. As you do this, make sure that even the less-hands-on course is still highly engaging and finishable! Maybe even bingeable...

[2] Duplicating Yourself

If the idea of an automated program doesn't seem to be the right fit, you can still scale your program and maintain the personal hands-on elements. To do this, course creators can train other coaches to teach a cohort of the program.

Essentially, you duplicate yourself.

Instead of Leah teaching the only cohort of SIGNED, she could hire and train five coaches to teach five different SIGNED cohorts.

If scaling this way resonates with you — as it did for Leah — there's a straightforward process for duplicating yourself.

So how do you duplicate yourself?

How do you "train the trainer"? How do you go from being the teacher to being the teacher of teachers? This looks a bit different for everyone but the core steps are the same:

First, you'll need to find your teachers. These may even be former students of yours who loved your program and have already naturally become ambassadors for your work. Hiring is a complicated process but it helps to make a list of criteria you want in your teachers — the personality traits or characteristics you can't teach them later — like empathy, kindness, or whatever is needed for your course's particular approach.

Next comes the training process. To train your trainers, you'll have to create a facilitators course — kind of like a meta course for your main course. This will force you to dump your brain onto paper and make your course approach understandable to other people.

Finally, give feedback and iterate! Building a cohort of teachers — duplicates of you! — doesn't happen overnight. You'll have to train, guide, and support these teachers along the way.

As Leah said, this may feel overwhelming but it's not actually. This is a standard model. Course creators, companies, and other people do this sort of duplication process. You can implement something similar for your course to achieve your income goals and reach goals.

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About Our Guest

Leah Neaderthal, a sales coach for women business owners, is the host of the podcast Smart Gets Paid and leader of the course SIGNED. Her method and approach to sales has developed through her own trial and error, reading and learning over time. She has grown her business to a value of $3 million and her sales to a 92% win rate.

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