Creating Learning Design With Empathy

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Creating Learning Design With Empathy

Manja interview Vince Grabowski on the ins and outs of digital learning, new methodologies, and learning experience with empathy. This episode is engaging and well-worth listening to!


Learning digitally can feel disconnected, slow, or even annoying — and no we're not talking about the wifi. Done poorly, digital learning can leave people with the same knowledge and skill gaps that they've had when they started.

Done well, digital learning can be engaging, responsive, adaptive, and even empathy-building for learners. So how can we create learning like this?

Vince Grabowski, an expert learning designer with 25 years of adult learning experience, unpacks the mentality, technology, and methodology.

The Mentality of Learning Design

Anyone developing learning must start with the mindset of the learner. What does this mean for the learner? What does this mean for the people who are developing the learning? And then what does this mean for digital learning generally?

Learning with the learner in mind means prioritizing ease of access and engagement. For many enveloped in digital work from the onset of the pandemic (or before), this means recognizing the physical and mental strain of a completely virtual environment. So don't add stress with your learning program, explained Vince.

Instead, focus on making your learning present with the learner when they need it and with exactly the information they need. Does your learner need the whole recipe step-by-step? Or do they just need details for one step of the recipe? Tailor the learning to meet the learner where they're at.

In Vince's experience, doing this can involve a bit of new (and exciting) tech:

Emerging Technologies of Learning Design

Adaptive learning technology. Rather than giving every learner the same course plan, adaptive learning uses AI algorithms that assess a learner's initial knowledge then provide them a course plan tailored to what they still need to know. This way learners get exactly what they need.

Of course, not every course creator will have the chance to use adaptive learning software. Regardless, the underlying concepts of adaptive learning are applicable generally. When creating learning programs, incorporate ways to assess the learner when they start and tailor everything else based on this assessment.

New Methodologies of Learning Design

But technology is not everything. Often learners can teach each other. This learning methodology — social learning — has recently intrigued Vince. We see (and often engage in) social learning every day on social media. When we see something meaningful to us, we like it or share it.

Social learning often involves an informal learning environment where collaboration increases the knowledge of all those involved.

A blog, a one-pager, a wiki, a message to a specific person asking for help: social learning.

Social learning on social media can build our communities and lift people to where they want to go. Social learning in a business setting could do something similar. At least, that's Vince's hope.

Tune into this episode to hear Manja and Vince discuss more!


About our Guest

Vince Grabowski is a learning experience designer with over 25 years of adult learning experience and a passion for designing, developing, and delivering industry-leading learning solutions. He's a navy veteran and cancer survivor who is dedicated to his family and teaching others.

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