You're Responsible for Learning Results, Not Just Your Audience

adult learning course design entrepreneurship instructional design learning development Jun 28, 2021

Have you ever let the fear of failure or perfectionism hold you back from something? Most people feel this way at some point in their life. But entrepreneurs know that you can't always wait until the thing is perfect. You have to move fast and make adjustments as you go.

But, fear of getting it perfect is the reason why I almost didn't hit record on my recently launched podcast series, Your Greatest Work. For most of my life, I lived with the idea that if it's not perfect or it's not your best, it's not worth putting out —but that's not always true. Great work comes through refinement.

And my new podcast series aims to provide that exact refinement process. 

Your Greatest Work podcast is the show for course creators who want to become the recognized expert in their field. The show is tailored for people who already have a course or program and want to figure out how to fine-tune their course to be their greatest work. Each episode will bring insider information and experience from the best learning strategists, trainers, and designers in the world.

Over the course of this podcast series, I talk with innovative leaders, explore new technologies, and engage with inventive strategies for learning. The show's exploration will follow four main themes:

  1. Using research based adult learning principles to make learning the best it can be
  2. Completion and understanding why people don't finish courses
  3. Aligning with user's needs to place the learner front and center
  4. Creating learning experiences with activities suited for the content and lesson

Through conversations with global leaders and the credibility of my own experience from the industry, Your Greatest Work digs deeper into learning design in useful and applicable ways.

Interested in the "getting started story?" Listen to the first episode here. And check out some of the more recent episodes. Subscribe and give a review if you liked what you heard!

Let's start the conversation about iterating your current work into your greatest work.


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